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Automagically Email Your Clients' Keap Contacts When You Publish New Website Content for Them

With FeedBolt for Agencies, simply enter your client's blog URL, select a Keap Tag, and choose your template. FeedBolt takes care of the rest!

Automatic Email Updates

FeedBolt checks your clients' sites for updates and automagically notifies their select members, customers, prospects, or contacts through their Keap app.

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Never manually send another broadcast email update

With FeedBolt, simply publish a new blog post or members only update to your client's site and we'll see it, load their tagged contacts, and send your email template out with the latest from their blog.

  • Your Feed

    FeedBolt is compatible with your client’s blog or RSS feed including WordPress, Joomla, Blogger, and more. If you have an RSS feed, we can mail for you.

  • Your Contacts

    Simply tell us which Keap tag you want us to mail and we handle the rest. Select your membership tag, customer tag, prospect tag, or whoever you want to mail.

  • Your Template

    FeedBolt has magical merge fields that let you put in things like your blog title, url, specific item titles, blurbs, images, and more. Use one of your branded templates, or use one of ours and customize away!

FeedBolt emails your Keap contacts for you

Just write a new post on your client's website, WordPress blog or your AccessAlly / Memberium / CustomerHub / etc membership site,  and we'll automagically email your client's customers, members, or prospects for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What if I just want one FeedBolt account for my business?
    This page is for Agencies supporting multiple clients. If you just need one FeedBolt account, you can enroll for your own individual account.
  • How much does FeedBolt cost?
    FeedBolt for Agencies starts at $235/mo for 10 Lite client accounts. Per account pricing goes down with volume and pre-pay period (i.e. 6mo or annually)
  • How is an Agency Account different than a regular FeedBolt account?
    Agency accounts provide centralized billing, volume discounts, and pre-pay discounts. And an Agency Portal where you can centrally manage your client accounts!
  • Is FeedBolt compatible with my client's site?
    If your client's site can serve up an RSS feed, we can read it. We're for sure compatible with WordPress, iMember360, InfusionWP, AccessAlly, Memberium, CustomerHub, Joomla, Blogger, and more.
  • How do I setup a template?
    Templates are easy to setup and FeedBolt can automatically create a template for you that you can then customize in FeedBolt or Keap. We also have a built-in drag and drop responsive email builder and pre-built templates on our PRO plans!
  • What if I don't have Infusionsoft or Keap?
    Your client will need Keap (fka Infusionsoft) to use FeedBolt. You don't need Keep, though, just so long as your client has it, you're good to go.
  • Can I track my clients' opens and clicks in FeedBolt?
    Yes! FeedBolt tracks your clients' opens and clicks for you so you can view all of your metrics, export segments, see what's working, and more!
  • How do I choose who to mail?
    When setting up your feed in FeedBolt, you'll choose a tag from Keap that represents the people you want to mail, for example an active member tag, customer tag, prospect tag, or anything that you like.
  • How long will it take to setup FeedBolt?
    You can be up and running in minutes. Apply for an Agency account today to get started!

FeedBolt for Keap works with YOUR site

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FeedBolt Helps Clients Like Yours

Cindy Baldwin

I am a real newbie to Infusionsoft and was having trouble writing nurture campaigns. Instead I decided to use FeedBolt, since our goal is to drive people to our web site anyway – WOW! It was so easy to set up, the emails are simple and compelling, the opt-out/update subscription works seamlessly and we’re getting super high open rates. I had no problem at all setting up Feedbolt. It all just worked – if only ALL technology were this easy!!!

Cindy Baldwin Baldwin Success Coaching
Joshua Waldman

I was using [another service], paying more, having huge problems with feeds not going out and getting zero support. So I switched to FeedBolt and love it. I have a large list of about 30,000 and that can be an issue with some plugins, however, FeedBolt never choked and my newsletters have been going out reliably. They also respond to my support requests and always follow up to make sure the issues are resolved. If you are looking for an RSS to email solution of Infusionsoft, FeedBolt is the best one hands down.

Joshua Waldman Career Enlightenment
Brody Dorland

First off, I think it’s silly that Infusionsoft doesn’t have RSS-to-Email built in natively. Despite being on Infusionsoft for 2 years, we have continued using Mailchimp to manage, arguably, our MOST IMPORTANT email list (our blog subscribers). As FeedBolt uses Infusionsoft email templates, I’m even able to send out responsive emails in InfusionsoftGreat service and a great product that Infusionsoft should just buy and roll into their app. Kudos to FeedBolt team!

Brody Dorland DivvyHQ

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