The FeedBolt API allows you to do most anything you’d do as a user in the FeedBolt app.

Typically you’ll use the FeedBolt API to programmatically manage your feeds or pull broadcast data for dashboards.

API Authentication

To use the API, you’ll need your Auth Code which can be found at the bottom of your My Account page in app.

Your API calls should include an auth parameter in the GET/POST request with your auth code.


Your API calls should be made to

API Endpoints

API Endpoints of note include:


  • GET /feeds/ – Get a list of your feeds
  • GET /feeds/{feedId}/ – Get a specific feed
  • POST /feeds/{feedId}/ – Update a feed
  • POST /feeds/ – Create a new feed


  • GET /feeds/{feedId}/broadcasts/ – Get a list of your broadcasts
  • GET /feeds/{feedId}/broadcasts/{broadcastId}/ – Get a broadcast’s stats
  • GET /feeds/{feedId}/broadcasts/{broadcastId}/opens/ – Get a broadcast’s opens
  • GET /feeds/{feedId}/broadcasts/{broadcastId}/openers/ – Get a broadcast’s openers (unique contacts)
  • GET /feeds/{feedId}/broadcasts/{broadcastId}/clicks/ – Get a broadcast’s clicks
  • GET /feeds/{feedId}/broadcasts/{broadcastId}/clickers/ – Get a broadcast’s clickers (unique contacts)
  • GET /feeds/{feedId}/broadcasts/{broadcastId}/links/ – Get a broadcast’s link click stats