Broadcast Stats, Graphs, and Exporting

We’re super excited to share that all of your broadcast stats are now available for you to use in many more ways than just seeing how many opens and clicks a given broadcast has.

Clicking on a Broadcast in your Send History will now display the first 7 days of open and click stats in a graph as well as your link click stats.


feedbolt-broadcast-stats-exportThere’s also now an Export button that allows you to export CSV files of 5 different stats:

  • All Opens (every single open with Infusionsoft contactids)
  • All Openers (Infusionsoft contactids of who opened)
  • All Clicks (every single click on a tracking link with Infusionsoft contactids)
  • All Clickers (Infusionsoft contactids of who clicked any tracking link)
  • Link Stats (tracking links clicked)

You can also export a Graph (an image file of the chart shown – not a CSV)

Commit #4115fa5