How do I link FeedBolt to my Keap or Infusionsoft account?

If your FeedBolt app isn’t automatically linked to your Keap or Infusionsoft app when you enroll, you can easily link the two.

Note: This will be changing in July, 2024 to move away from Keap’s “Legacy” API Keys. Stay tuned for updates as this page will be changing.

After you login to FeedBolt, click My Account on the left hand side.

Next to App Name, enter your Keap or Infusionsoft application name. This is what’s between the https:// and the or in your browser when you’re logged into your Keap/Infusionsoft App. For example, if your URL is, you’d enter abc123 for your App Name.

API Settings in Keap

For the API Key, enter your Legacy API Key from Keap/Infusionsoft.

To get this, log into your Keap / Infusionsoft app, click on the My Profile Icon and choose API Settings. Scroll down to the Legacy API Key. If you have a Legacy API Key already, just copy and paste that. If you don’t have a Legacy API Key, enter an API Passphrase, click save, and then copy and paste the newly created Legacy API Key into FeedBolt.

Now that you’ve added your App Name and API Key, click on the green Update button in FeedBolt.

Now your two accounts are linked and you can start sending your RSS feed updates to your Keap/Infusionsoft contacts!

Troubleshooting Keap API Key Issues

Can I use a Keap Personal Access Token (PAT)?

Keap Personal Access Tokens (PATs) do not have the same kind of access as Legacy API Keys. Additionally, if the user who created the token doesn’t have the permissions you need or is deactivated, FeedBolt won’t be able to connect with Keap.

Can I use a Keap Service Account Key (SAK)?

Connecting to Keap’s API using a Keap Service Account Key (SAK) is not supported by FeedBolt as it uses a slower and less efficient version of the Keap API. FeedBolt requires your Legacy API Key to work well.

I don’t see Legacy API Keys in my keap app?

You need to be an Admin in your Keap app to access Legacy API Keys. If you’re not an admin, ask your Keap admin for your Legacy API Key.

If you got your app after early July, 2024, you won’t have Legacy API Keys.

Do I need to be an admin in Keap to get my Legacy API Key?

Yes, you need to be an admin in Keap. If you’re not an admin, ask your Keap admin for your Legacy API Key.