How do I link FeedBolt to my Infusionsoft account?

If your FeedBolt app isn’t automatically linked to your Infusionsoft app when you enroll, you can easily link the two.

After you login to FeedBolt, click My Account on the left hand side.

Next to App Name, enter your Infusionsoft application name. This is what’s between the https:// and the in your browser when you’re logged into your Infusionsoft App. For example, if your URL is, you’d enter abc123 for your App Name.

For the API Key, enter your Encrypted API Key from Infusionsoft. To get this, log into your Infusionsoft app, click on the navigation logo in the top left, and then click on Settings under Admin. On the left, click on Application, and then scroll down to the API section. If you have an Encrypted Key already, just copy and paste that. If you don’t have an Encrypted Key, enter an API Passphrase, click save, and then copy and paste the newly created Encrypted Key into FeedBolt.

Now that you’ve added your App Name and API Key, click on the green Update button in FeedBolt.

Now your two accounts are linked and you can start sending your RSS feed updates to your Infusionsoft contacts!