How do I setup opt-out links in my email template?

Infusionsoft requires opt out link on all email templates for spam compliance. If you don’t manually insert an opt-out link into your FeedBolt template, Infusionsoft will use the default opt-out links.

To change how your opt-out links and text appear in your FeedBolt templates:

  1. In Infusionsoft, navigate to MarketingTemplates, and select your FeedBolt template to edit it.
  2. Below the body of the email, click the arrow icon on the left of the Merge button, then Links in the dropdown.
  3. A Links pop up will appear. Scroll down to Update/Opt Out Links.

To edit the default opt-out link used when one isn’t found in a template:

  1. Click [Edit] next to the Default Opt-Out
  2. Edit and then click the green Save button

To create a new opt-out link to use in your template:

  1. Click Create Update/Opt Out.
  2. Name it, edit it, and save it.

To place the opt-out links where you want them in your template, click Insert to insert your new opt-out link where you want it in the email.