Improved Character Set Encoding Conversion and Error Handling

In this minor back end update, we’ve improved error reporting when sending email previews so that you can now see why an email preview didn’t send if there was an error. Error logging has also been updated on the back end both when converting feed and template character sets and when sending broadcasts.

We’ve now also updated all feeds to send through Infusionsoft as UTF-8 and improved character conversion transliteration and error handling. Previously if a character couldn’t be converted, it was transliterated, but if there wasn’t a transliteration available, the conversion failed and a feed wouldn’t send. This has been fixed.

Transliteration is the substitution of the characters between character sets, for example if the Euro symbol(“€”) isn’t available in a character set, use “EUR” instead, or if an umlaut (“ö”) isn’t available, flatten to “o” or “oe”, etc…

Commit #9ac4ad2