Keap Liquid Dynamic Content in FeedBolt Email Templates

FeedBolt supports Keap’s Dynamic Content in your blog broadcast email templates when you send your FeedBolt email broadcasts through Keap. (You likely are as this is the default way to send emails from FeedBolt.)

Keap’s Dynamic Content blocks allow you to conditionally include variable content in your email broadcast based on contact data like field values and even a contact’s tags.

For example, you could have variable content in your email template based on the number of employees in a custom field on a contact record, if the contact has a first name set, or not, the day of the week, the email domain of the contact, and more.

Read More about Dynamic Content with Liquid in Keap

Remember to send yourself test preview emails from FeedBolt to see how the emails appear in your inbox based on your own test contact record in your Keap app!