Tracking Clicks on a Banner in a Keap Template

If you’d like to track clicks and run automation on something like a banner in your keap template used with FeedBolt, you can use an Keap Automation Link in your template.

  1. In Keap, click Settings under Marketing in the main top navigationinfusionsoft marketing settings
  2. Click Automation Links on the left hand navigation
    infusionsoft automation links
  3. Scroll down to Automation Link and click on Create Link
  4. Give your link a Link Name like FeedBolt Banner
  5. Select Web Address and enter the URL you want the click to go to
  6. Under Link Text (for HTML), click Edit and click on the Image icon to insert your image
    infusionsoft manage automation link
  7. Click Save
  8. Click the newly added Actions tab up top
    infusionsoft automation link actions
  9. Add and configure whatever automation actions you like, for example Apply/Remove a Tag
  10. Click Save & Close
  11. Head on over to Templates under Marketing in the main top navigation
  12. Click the name of your FeedBolt Template to edit the template
  13. Click on Edit Email Body
  14. Click into your template where you want your banner to go
  15. Click the small arrow on the Merge button
  16. Choose Linksinfusionsoft email builder merge links
  17. Scroll down to Automation Links and click Insert next to your newly created link
  18. Click the Save Icon, Close Builder, and then Save & Search at the bottom.
  19. Back in FeedBolt, send yourself a preview and see your banner up top!