Viewing FeedBolt Broadcast Stats in Keap

Keap (fka Infusionsoft) keeps track of all broadcasts sent via FeedBolt and you can view these broadcast results inside of Keap from the Email Batch report.

Finding the BatchID and corresponding report is a little tricky, though, but with some quick digging, you’ll be on your way.

  1. Open up the Email Broadcasts report from Keap under Marketing Reports
  2. Adjust the Sent Interval to the range you sent your email, i.e. Today, Last 7 Days, Last 30 Days
  3. For Sent By, select “doesn’t contain any” and then selected all the names in the list.
  4. Copy the Batch ID of the email batch that represents the FeedBolt broadcast
  5. Open up the View Email Batch report by going to this URL where YOURAPPNAME is your Keap application name and BATCHID is the batch ID from step 4 above

We know this is far from ideal and not nearly as “one click” as we’d like. Keap doesn’t have a way to search for broadcasts that weren’t sent from inside of Keap, even though the broadcast data is there.

Keep in mind that for larger broadcasts, due to Keap’s limitations, FeedBolt splits your sends up into multiple batches of a few thousand recipients each.

Following this steps will show you your total number mailed, bounces, opens, and more.