What Merge Fields are available to use in my templates?

In addition to Keap’s merge fields – including all Contact merge fields and all of your custom Contact merge fields – your FeedBolt email templates can include a number of our powerful FeedBolt merge tags to add in information about your blog and recent posts.

The following merge fields are available for you to drop into your templates.

~RSS.feedtitle~ The title of the blog

~RSS.feedurl~ The URL of the blog

~RSS.recentX~ where X is any number you want that lists the X most recent blog posts with the title and link (there’s both an HTML and a text friendly version of this which will be used automatically for the text and HTML templates respectively)

To request data about the latest 9 posts, use the number 1-9 for X after the feed specific fields. For example, use ~RSS.title3~ to display the title of the third most recent blog post.

~RSS.titleX~ The title of blog post #X

~RSS.summaryX~ The “blurb” of blog post #X

~RSS.summarytextX~ The plain text “blurb” of blog post #X

~RSS.contentX~ The full content of blog post #X

~RSS.contenttextX~ The plain text full content of blog post #X

~RSS.urlX~ A tracking URL to the blog post #X

~RSS.realurlX~ The real permalink URL to the blog post #X – Note: These are NOT tracking links which means we won’t be able to track your Click Throughs

~RSS.imageX~ The URL of the first image found in blog post #X

~RSS.authornameX~ The name of the author, if available, for blog post #X