Why didn’t my feed send?

If your feed didn’t send out, make sure that you have a valid feed, template and tag selected and that the feed is marked as On.

Next, you’ll see on the feed the last time we checked for an update, the next time we’ll check for an update, and the last time we mailed and when the most recent post is from.

Valid Feed

You’ll need a valid Feed URL for us to check and the easiest way to assure that the feed is valid is to click Preview next to your template.

Valid Infusionsoft Tag

Make sure that you have a valid Infusionsoft Tag selected and that there are contacts with that tag in Infusionsoft. You may want to tag yourself with the tag selected so you get a copy of what your customers get, too.

Valid Infusionsoft Template

Assure you have a valid Infusionsoft template selected by clicking the Preview button next to your template and additionally choosing Send Preview to send yourself a preview. You’ll want to have a valid To and From address on your template with the To most likely sending to ~Contact.Email~

Active Feed

Make sure that your feed is On by clicking the button marked Off to toggle it to On.

Valid Check Times

It’s possible that your window for us to check is to narrow and you may consider increasing the end time for us to stop checking.

No New Posts on your Feed

Clicking on Preview will pull up the most recent feed that we’re seeing, and confirming that your site is publishing your most recent feed.

If you have a membership plugin or content restriction in place, it’s possible that your feed doesn’t have any “public” posts for us to send.