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When it comes to hosting your WordPress site, speed, support, security, and ease all matter.

That’s why we host all of our sites (not just for FeedBolt, but also for FuseDesk, FuseSpire, and more) at WPEngine.

We’ve worked with dozens of website hosts – most not specializing in WordPress at all, and a few that try – and without a doubt WPEngine wows us every time.

WordPress Site and Feed Speed

WPEngine’s triple layer caching system and built-in free Content Delivery Network (CDN) keep your site serving visitors at blazing fast speeds.

One of our customers had a terribly slow WordPress site and after we moved them over to WPEngine, their page load time increased 30x (yes, THIRTY times)! That was the wildest speed improvement we’d ever seen (don’t expect that, unless you, too, have 30 second page load times), but we always see a huge page load improvement after migration to WPEngine.

You don’t need to manage any of those third-party caching plugins or try and manage your own CDN. Just use WordPress like you’re normally use WordPress and WPEngine handles the rest behind the scenes.

This doesn’t just help your page load times for visitors, it also helps your RSS feed load times for FeedBolt!

WordPress Backups, Unhacking, and Upgrades

WPEngine automagically runs daily full site backups for you so you can restore your site to a previous state with ease. You can also manually run a backup at any point, for example, before you upgrade plugins.

If somehow your site does get hacked, they’ll even help you restore and unhack your site – for free.

Part of that security is keeping your WordPress site up to date. WPEngine automatically upgrades WordPress for you (with plenty of notice) and even tests the upgrade to make sure that it didn’t break your site. If for some reason, an old plugin or something breaks after the upgrade, they automatically roll back the automated upgrade and notify you. You can skip upgrades, schedule them, run them early, but as a default, if you do nothing else, it’s all handled for you beautifully.

Built in Staging and Production Environments

With WPEngine, you not only get your live production site, but you also have a staging environment on standby.

At anytime, you can one-click deploy your production site over to a staging environment, make changes, test things, and more, and then when you’re ready, deploy those changes over to Production.

This way you can try plugins, themes, content, designs, and more, without “testing” on your live site or having to manage two different sites.

Free SSL (HTTPS) Certificates

It’s time to upgrade your site to HTTPS not only for security, but also for SEO.

WPEngine offers free SSL for your sites so you’ll be serving up secure pages in mere minutes.

Outstanding WordPress Support

Support matters and WPEngine has outstanding live support with support reps who get not only WordPress, but SSL, security, under the hood speed optimizations and more.

Every single time we start a support conversation with their team, no matter how technical the question, they know exactly what they’re talking about and deliver solid expertise. We are wowed every time.

Case in point, at ICON (Infusionsoft’s annual user conference) a few years back, we had foolishly not moved an older site of ours over to WPEngine. We started getting hit up with a ton of traffic from conference attendees and our old hosting provider blocked the IP address of the convention center because we were slamming their servers with too much incoming traffic and their servers couldn’t handle the load. We migrated the entire site, blog posts, images, content, settings, SEO, and more over to WPEngine, got DNS updates, and were sending traffic over to WPEngine in under 30 minutes. Their support was on the line with us the entire time helping with the migration. Problem solved. Day saved.

(Speaking of support, have you tried FuseDesk – THE Help Desk Add-On for Infusionsoft – for your business yet?)

Super Easy WordPress Site Migration

And now, WPEngine recently released a sweet WordPress migration tool to move your entire site over to WPEngine with ease. (We wish we had that at ICON years ago!)

Their free plugin handles the entire migration behind the scenes and they have a great onboarding checklist to help you get your site migrated over to their awesome WordPress friendly environment.

WPEngine for FeedBolt

If you can’t tell, we are in love with WPEngine for all the right reasons.

Try out their free website page speed test, learn more about their WordPress migration tools, check out their pricing and plans, or just get signed up already!

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Disclaimer: We are an affiliate of WPEngine because we're such evangelists, and they might compensate us for referring you! You'll thank us later!