WPFusion and FeedBolt

WP Fusion Auto-Login and Link Tracking with FeedBolt

If you’re using WP Fusion on your website, you can easily configure FeedBolt to auto-login your members or run CRM automation when someone clicks a link from FeedBolt.

To start, you’ll want to make sure that you append your Keap Contact ID to each of your FeedBolt links.

To do so, simply append ?cid=~Contact.Id to the end of any links to your site in your FeedBolt email template.

For example, ~RSS.url1~?cid=~Contact.Id~ would like to your most recent block post and append the Contact ID to the end.

Note that if your URL already includes a query string (i.e. a question mark in the URL), instead of appending ?cid=~Contact.Id, you’d append &cid=~Contact.Id~

This will send the contact ID along to your WP Fusion powered website.

Next, you’ll want to make sure you enable Link Tracking and/or Allow URL Login in the Advanced tab of your WP Fusion settings.

WP Fusion URL Login and Link Tracking

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