Memberium Auto-Login from RSS Feed Emails in FeedBolt

Do you use Memberium to protect content only available to your members?

If so, did you know that you can have FeedBolt automatically log your recipients into Memberium right from their FeedBolt email?

Using Memberium’s autologin feature, and FeedBolt’s dynamic links, we simply add on the autologin details to the end of the URL in your FeedBolt template, and when we mail through Infusionsoft, we’ll automatically merge the right fields in so when your recipients get your email with the latest blog posts, all they do is click and get auto-logged in!

Let’s take a look at how this works…

Configure Memberium to give FeedBolt access

For FeedBolt to access your protected content, we’ll need to configure Memberium.

First, make sure to enable Memberium’s autologin in Memberium Settings.

Next, let’s make sure that you have an auth key setup in Memberium Settings.

Lastly, let’s enable your RSS feeds under Content Protection in Memberium. (Memberium disables RSS by default.)

FeedBolt RSS Feed for Memberium Protected Content

With the Memberium side of things taken care of, let’s now configure Infusionsoft to give us access.

To do that, you’ll need to setup a unique Contact record in Infusionsoft and tag that Contact to have access to your membership content. The email address must be a unique email address that does not already have a login on your WordPress site.

Once you’ve done that, get the Id and Email address of the new Contact.

Next up, figure out your Feed URL. You’re likely going to be pulling a category feed, but whatever the URL is, get the path (everything after the domain name) and have that handy. For example, if your content is online at then your feed path is likely /category/membersonly/feed/

Now, let’s put it all together as follows:

  • your domain
  • memb_autologin: set to yes
  • Id: set to the Contact Id of the newly created Infusionsoft contact
  • Email: set to Email address of the newly created Infusionsoft contact
  • auth_key: set to your auth key
  • redir: set to the relative path to your feed

Your final URL to use as your FeedBolt feed will look something like this:

FeedBolt Link URLs for Memberium Protected Content

The above URL is what you’ll use for your FeedBolt Feed URL, but in your templates, you’ll want to link right to the content with an auto-login URL.

Memberium auto-login links for each contact require a few items to get modified:

  • your domain (same as above)
  • memb_autologin: set to yes (same as above)
  • Id: set to ~Contact.Id~ (note the upper I and lower d)
  • Email: set to ~Contact.Email~
  • auth_key: set to your auth key (same as above)
  • redir: set to ~RSS.url~, ~RSS.url1~, or whatever post merge field you need

Your final URL to use in your templates should look something like this:

Memberium + FeedBolt Troubleshooting:

  • The Contact that you use to auto login can’t have the same email as an admin user on your WordPress site. Your admin login, for Memberium security reasons, won’t sync up to an Infusionsoft Contact record. Simply add a new Contact to Infusionsoft, add it as a Member to your site, and use that new Member login Id and Email
  • Make sure you have RSS feeds enabled in your Memberium options. By default, Memberium disables RSS feeds. You can find this option under Content Protection in Memberium.