Mailchimp to FeedBolt Migration for Keap Users

Upgrading from Mailchimp to FeedBolt for your RSS to Email for Keap?

This migration is super easy and can be done in just a few simple steps.

First, log in to both Mailchimp and FeedBolt.

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Migrating Your Mailchimp Subscribers

If your subscribers are already in Keap and tagged, you can skip this step.

Let’s move your subscribers out of Mailchimp and into Keap.

From Mailchimp, click on the Lists tab, and then click on the name of the list you want to export.

Click Export List.

When the list finishes exporting, click Export as CSV.

Save the file to your computer’s desktop.

Import these contacts to Keap and tag them as your subscribers.

Setting Up Your New Feed Basics

Click Add Feed in FeedBolt to add a new Feed.

For the URL in FeedBolt, use the same URL that you have in Mailchimp’s RSS feed URL setting.

With your new feed added in FeedBolt, it’s time to select the Keap tag of who you want to mail.

When FeedBolt finds a new post on your site to broadcast through Keap, we pull a live list of all contacts at that moment with the tag you specify. This allows you to keep all of your data and contacts centralized in one system and leverage the full power of Keap.

Where FeedBolt asks you for a tag, select the tag you use to identify your subscribers that should get the latest posts from your site.

Next, FeedBolt will ask for you a template. You can click the dropdown arrow on Preview and choose +New for us to create a placeholder template for you.

Using a clean, new FeedBolt Template

If you’d like to create a new template, then use our newly created template for you as a jumping off point and customize from there.

Copying your Mailchimp Template to Keap

Alternatively, if you’d like to simply clone your Mailchimp template, you’ll need to view the full source of your Mailchimp template and then copy and paste that into the FeedBolt HTML editor in HTML Source mode.

Click the dropdown arrow on the Preview button in FeedBolt and choose Edit HTML and paste your HTML in there.

Next, you’ll need to switch your custom fields. Mailchimp uses a slightly different format than FeedBolt.

Specifically, see Mailchimp RSS Merge Fields vs. FeedBolt RSS Merge Fields

For example, instead of MailChimp’s *|RSSFEED:TITLE|*, you’d use ~RSS.feedtitle~. And instead of opening groups with *|RSSITEMS:|* and then using *|RSSITEM:TITLE|* and *|RSSITEM:URL|*, in FeedBolt, you’d simply identify which post you’d like to refer to and use the equivalent ~RSS.title1~ and ~RSS.url1~ respectively (for the first post, ~RSS.title2~ for the second, and so on).

Setting Your Broadcast Schedule

The last thing you’ll set in FeedBolt is when you want us to check your feed.

Simply let us know how often and between what hours you’d like us to check.

Previewing your RSS-to-Email Template

Before enabling your feed, make sure to preview both in FeedBolt and in your inbox (using the Send Preview option) to be sure that everything looks correct.

Enabling your Feed

With all systems looking good, enable your feed by switching it from Off to On and you’re up and running and live!

Frequently Asked Questions about Mailchimp and Keap

Can Mailchimp email my newsletter to my Keap contacts?

Not directly, no. You can duct tape the two systems together using third party tools and then try and keep your subscribes/unsubscribers/optouts/etc in sync, but it’s a mess. When you migrate from Mailchimp to FeedBolt, all of your contacts are in one place – Keap – and all of your email goes through one place – Keap!

How do I automatically send out my newsletter to my Keap contacts like Mailchimp?

Keap doesn’t have a built in RSS to Email feature like Mailchimp and ActiveCampaign have. That’s where FeedBolt comes in! FeedBolt lets you automatically send your latest website content, articles, and blog posts to Keap contacts with a tag you choose.

Can I import my Mailchimp contacts to Keap?

Yes! See our step-by-step instructions above on how to export your contacts from Mailchimp and import and tag them in Keap.

How can I try out FeedBolt?

You can try FeedBolt today for free today!