Responsive Infusionsoft Templates in FeedBolt


Example Responsive Template

Infusionsoft’s new Email Builder style email templates work beautifully in FeedBolt for automatically sending your latest blog content out to your subscribers through Infusionsoft.

To leverage these responsive, clean, and sharp looking Infusionsoft email templates, you’ll need to create the template in Infusionsoft and then copy/paste the HTML code into a new template in FeedBolt (or Infusionsoft!) as Infusionsoft’s new email builder doesn’t leverage the existing Infusionsoft template system accessible to third-party add-ons using the API.

Step 1: Create Your Template in Infusionsoft

Head on over to Infusionsoft and create the template of your dreams.

Send yourself a test so you can get all of the HTML you need.


Step 2: View/Copy the HTML Code

In your email client, view the original HTML of the email and copy all of the HTML to your clipboard.

Step 3: Create your new FeedBolt Template

feedbolt-html-editIn FeedBolt, click on the Edit HTML option for your template and paste in your HTML.

You can then edit the template and add in FeedBolt merge fields and more.